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Your logo is the visual embodiment of your brand. It represents what you do, who you are, and most importantly, what you stand for. That said, an outdated, poorly designed, or just flat-out ugly logo is capable of doing serious damage to your brand’s image and perception.
Here’s the problem that we encounter too often: business owners get attached to their logos, no matter how old they’ve become. They lose sight of the importance of updating their logo to keep it fresh and on par with the competition. They look at their logo as their baby, and they’re not ready to give it up. It’s easier to just keep the same logo you’ve always had, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper, right?
Wrong. A logo update is a trusty way to legitimize a company, set it apart from its competitors, enhance its reputation, and eventually drive sales. As an outsider, it’s easy to look at a company and say “They need a new logo,” but as a business owner examining your own brand, it’s often not as easy. So how do you know when it’s time to redesign? Whether you’re on the fence about a new logo or have never even taken the time to think about it, consider these indicators:
Your company has changed.

Businesses develop, change, and expand over time, so it’s important their logos do the same. Think about your company. In the past few years, have you begun offering new products or services? Are you targeting a new audience? What about something as obvious as a name change? If there have been big changes since your last logo update, it’s time to consider redesigning. A logo should accurately represent the current and future goals of the company, not indicate the past.
Your logo was not designed by a professional.

It’s not hard to spot a logo that was made in Microsoft Word or Paint, trust us. If you personally designed your logo (and you’re not a designer) or it was designed by a friend of a friend who took a Photoshop class in high school several years ago, chances are you need a new one. Whether you’re a local business with 3 employees or a Fortune 500 company, it’s important to enlist the help of an experienced designer in creating your logo. Professional designers are trained in color theory, typography, and visual ideation to create logos that are more meaningful and aesthetically pleasing than what you can get from a clip art gallery.
The format is not suitable for all mediums.

It’s imperative that a logo can be manipulated and formatted to look its best across all types of media. It used to be that logos were only used on signage and print materials, but now they must be able to work across several online and mobile platforms. Logos should be created in a variety of files that can be blown up or scaled down without loss of clarity or quality. A good logo is consistent; it should look the same whether it’s on a billboard, Facebook page, or tee shirt.
It’s outdated.

In many cases, you can tell if a logo needs refreshing just by simply looking at it. Trends in design are always changing; right now we’re seeing a shift to flat, minimalist, sleek styles, compared to bold, heavy, crowded design of the past. Remember that a dated logo reflects a dated brand. There isn’t necessarily a rule of thumb for how often a company’s logo should be updated, but if it’s been over a decade, it’s likely time to start considering a rebrand.
A logo is much more than just a small cluster of pixels- it’s the way people envision and remember your business. Obviously you don’t want to change up your logo so frequently that it becomes confusing to customers or diminishes your brand identity, but it’s important to update it periodically to stay relevant.
Thinking about a new logo for your business? The design team at Transformation has years of experience and has turned countless design nightmares into graphic masterpieces. For a consultation or estimate, contact us here!

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