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We can’t count the number of times that we have been asked what the “bean” in our logo means. Some would argue that very few logos have a lot of significance behind them, but all marketers would agree that logos should be unique. Our old logo used that overused “swoosh” graphic found in varying formats, from the famous shoe, Nike, to local technology companies. In the end, a logo should be memorable and allow you to stand out, which is why we developed the bean.

The bean represents several aspects of our company and we love that it opens the door for us to share more about our value as a team. We would guess that if our logo wasn’t so unique, most people wouldn’t even ask about the meaning at all.

History: We started our company in the rural area of Panama, NE with 2 clients in agriculture and a few start-up businesses (just like TM was at the time). Even though we serve large companies now, our office is still in the same rural town in which it began. We’re unique in this way, as most marketing agencies in the Lincoln area have offices in busy parts of the city.


Growth: Like those original clients, we have flourished and grown into a larger company. We started with 2 clients, 1 employee, and 1 basement. We quickly advanced our company and clients and continue to see growth year after year.


Character: There are many studies about colors and the influence they have in a logo, but our color choice tends to follow the essential characteristics of our company. In the beginning, we chose orange and brown because orange was fresh and bright, especially contrasted with brown. It made us feel good when we saw it. (Travis was a bit bias being the Cleveland Browns fan that he is, but we assure you that is not why we chose the logo- we prefer winning). The studies would show orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, and determination, while brown represents reliability, support, and dependability. As a team, we embody all of these traits.

We believe the bean should remind you to expect the unexpected and that talent is about people, not location.