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Claire Crawford

Graphic Designer

Lincoln, Nebraska is where I found my humble beginnings. My aspirations as a child included paleontology, which then transitioned to marine biology. However, when I took biology in high school it quickly became my least favorite class! From there, I flipped the switch and fell in love with drawing and painting after taking an introductory art class. I realized I was very driven by colors, shapes, and all things visual. I applied to the Arts and Humanities Focus Program and began attending in my junior year. The unique approach to learning and my teachers were very influential in my development as a student and an artist.

Despite my small city upbringings, my parents brought me with them in their numerous travels around the globe. I like to think that this gave me a big world perspective and a passion for all things different. When I was 17 I applied to attend university for graphic design in England. I was graciously accepted into the design program at Northumbria University at Newcastle upon Tyne. I packed my bags and hopped across the pond in September 2013, where I spent three years studying. In Newcastle, the locals are called Geordies. MTV even films a show there called Geordie Shore, as a British counterpart to Jersey Shore. It’s just as horrible and cringe-worthy as you think it is. I worked at a brilliant pub called Head of Steam for two years, where I was a master at pouring beer and carrying heaps of glasses in one trip. I also learned a handful of slang and could banter with the best of them. My awesome neighbors living in the flat above me deemed me “one of the lads” and my co-workers thought I was good craic (Geordie slang for funny). Through much hard work and effort, I came out on the other end with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. England will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Upon moving back home, I was determined to succeed in my field of study. After about a month of job hunting, I was offered a graphics internship position with Transformation! The time and place were right, and I am now the official, full-time graphic designer for print and web. My favorite part of the job is working on full branding projects where I can start the logo concept and see it through every piece of marketing. I can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity to grow with the Bean Team!