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David Hefley

Director of Development
David Hefley

I was born in Venezuela and did most of my growing up there, with short stints in Peru, Alabama, and Texas (we moved at least every 2 years until the last 4 years of high school). When I graduated high school, I spent a year in college in upstate New York (the transition from tropical climate to New York was NOT good) and transferred to the University of Arizona the following year. Ultimately, I ended up with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.

My entire life has been spent dealing with technology. As a kid, my dad got one of the first IBM computers in the early 80’s, which I quickly took apart (and subsequently got into a lot of trouble!). Ever since that point, it has been a steady stream of new computers, new software and a lot of tinkering. When you live in a country that doesn’t really have any sort of technological support, you quickly learn how to fix problems yourself and make the computer do what you want without buying some off-the-shelf program.

My work life has been similar. My first real job was in the computer lab my first year of college and I’ve never had a job not in the technology industry. In 1999, I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for a huge Y2K migration for small banking systems and ultimately worked for that company for 7 years. During the end of that period, I met my wife Elizabeth and decided the 2-3 weeks of travel required per month were not for me, and so I started Meridian Consulting, until I came to join the Transformation Marketing team in 2015.