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Evan Wood

Graphic Designer

The first two months of my life were spent overseas in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much from this part of my life, Other than that, I’ve lived most of my life in the humble city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in all forms visual communication, be it making doodles for fun, playing with word art or designing album covers for my band before I even knew what a graphic designer was. I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field, but it didn’t set in that I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer until I decided to enroll at Southeast Community College in their Graphic Design program. There, my passion and drive for design became more knowledgeable and focused, fulfilling my constant curiosity. I am very grateful for the amazing professors and classmates who made my college experience so rewarding and pleasant.

After graduating in the fall of 2017, it was time to get out there and start working as a graphic designer! After a few weeks of applying for odd jobs, I heard that Transformation Marketing was looking for a new graphic design intern. Excitedly, I jumped on the opportunity and found that Transformation was a great fit for me and my designerly passions. I’m so glad I to be here now, it’s like a home away from home (but with more coffee).

Nowadays, if I’m not in the Transformation Marketing office, you can usually find me cracking bad jokes with my family, hanging out with my cat at my apartment, drawing, designing, or just watching some Netflix.