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Lacy Marshall-Donald

Director of Operations

Call it fate, destiny, good fortune, hard work and persistence, an act of God. Call it what you will, but I was meant to end up at Transformation Marketing.

In a nutshell, I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Travel & Tourism and a minor in Visual Communications and Design (Graphic Design, if you will). While I did work as a graphic designer and did social media for the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic through college, once I graduated, I had 2 jobs in a year and a half, neither in Social Media or Graphic Design. However, I found myself doing those things at each of the jobs, and what’s more, I found those things being my favorite part of my jobs.

So, when I heard of the job at Transformation Marketing, I knew I had to apply. And I’m so glad I did. What I do every day here is not work. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. I do not have a job. What I have is a passion and I get to live that passion every day, here. But it’s not only what I do that makes me excited to get up and come to work every morning. It’s who I work with. We go beyond the word team, here. We’re family (some of us literally most of us figuratively).

I have held just about every position here at TM, from graphic designer, to social media coordinator, I have worn many hats, which eventually lead to my current position as Director of Operations. I direct the day to day operations, whether that means meeting with clients,  signing off on projects, or coming up with strategies for clients. Every day I get to work with our team, and our clients, and bring the two together to create the best work we possibly can.

So, without those other jobs, I would not have found my passion, nor would I have moved to Lincoln in the first place. So, as I said, call it what you will, but God had a plan. I’m where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to do. And it doesn’t get any better than that!