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Nate Vargas

Social Media Coordinator/Media Producer

Hola! My name is Nate. I graduated from UNL 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism with a minor in Music Technology. I have since then been primarily freelancing for people and different organizations. I started my journey at UNL not really knowing what path I wanted to take myself on. I had a few classes in the school of journalism and discovered many strengths that I possessed. I decided to to move forward with my degree from there.

I am a man of many hats. My combination of skills make me a media powerhouse. From music, to video, and even photography, I am able to combine different elements in order to make a vision come to life.

I was super excited when I was offered an opportunity with transformation. Transformation has a great work flow and wonderful team that is very goal oriented. I am excited for the future and hope to move transformation and its partners forward with my unique capabilities.