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What is retargeting and why do we think it could make an impact on your business? Retargeting is a fancy term for a fairly simple concept. Essentially, the purpose is to advertise to Internet users who have viewed products or services online but did not follow through with their purchase by advertising the specific product on other websites. For example, when you are searching for a new pair of shoes online but decide not to buy them, they then show up on your Facebook advertisements. Retargeting allows businesses to follow up with potential customers and shoppers later on, who may have been interested in a given product or service. We want to keep them interested and, hopefully, transform these lookers into buyers.

Rather than reaching out to everyone who visits a given website, a retargeting campaign can be customized to target consumers whose captured site-visit data shows a higher possibility of them following through with a purchase. For example, a campaign can be set up to target only people who remain on the original website for two minutes or longer, visited upwards of six different pages within the website, or both. Retargeting ads can even be customized to offer special discounts to entice users to buy. They can also be used to upsell, offering accessories to already purchased items, or can be a platform used to present completely new products. Retargeting ads can be altered to offer more facts about a service over a long campaign, so consumers will continue to receive new information about a company instead of just looking at the same ad month after month.

There are two main types of retargeting campaigns: awareness and conversion. Awareness campaigns are useful when you want to re-engage website visitors and tell them about products, features, or announcements that apply to them. Often, awareness campaigns are precursors to a much more effective campaign goal: conversions. In a conversion campaign, we want to get people to click on your ad and take the next step. Conversion campaigns are best used to align a specific list with a clear next step in the funnel. The best thing about a conversion campaigns is that you can use it for multiple parts of the process. The ads will direct people to landing pages where they can give their information. You can also use list-based ads to better qualify those leads. You can use retargeting to move those relevant leads closer and closer to purchasing. Consider using retargeting as a tool in order to market your product or service, and seal the deal with consumers who are interested!


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