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Let me start by saying that, just as every business and organization is unique, so are the people that shape them and make them what they are. Which means that I KNOW there are some businesses out there that do a STELLAR job when it comes to handling their social media marketing “in house”. However…there… read more

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a LOT of scuttlebutt as of late about the airbrushing and touching up of models – women, in particular – in magazine and print ads. Some people are totally OK with it. Some people are REALLY against it. I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m certainly not going to go picket… read more

In case you missed “Part 1” of this blog, follow the link to take a quick look see: “Make Sure You Respond to Your Customers and Fans – It’s Personal!” Honestly, I think it can be pretty well summed up with the paragraph that states: Now, I tell you ALL of the above to let… read more

Content is King

Having a website for your business or organization is a great first step when it comes to getting “out there” on the World Wide Web. And, since pretty much everyone is connected to the internet ALL the time, having content that’s informative and engaging is an absolute must. So, how do you go about the… read more