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2016 Super Bowl Commercial Recap

Okay, every year, for some strange reason, the one thing that seems to irritate everyone becomes the one thing everyone wants to see. Fans and non-fans alike gather around the TV, go to viewing parties and flock to YouTube to relive every commercial. As you can imagine, a lot of folks ask us what we… read more

Commercials vs. Scripts

One thing that always seems to surprise clients is the finished commercial RARELY is what was scripted.  Especially TV commercials. Television commercials are the toughest form of advertisement to follow a script. Sometimes it takes longer to make a movement or display a product than was originally estimated. With only 30 seconds to play with,… read more

Customer Lifetime Value

When I take a look at a company’s budget, I generally find that most people spend too little on advertising and have an unrealistically high expectation of return. This sets the client and the agency up for failure. A true agency should be able to allocate the appropriate amount of dollars to obtain the desired… read more

While another Presidential campaign falls on our nation, unlike previous campaigns, this one is going to land on Nebraska like a Sumo-Wrestler.  Why? Assuming our nominees are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (and we have no reason to believe otherwise), each candidate has pledged one BILLION dollars EACH!  Not including money from Political Action Committees… read more