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Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly, and paid social media ads are no exception. In fact, some would argue that using paid social media ads is becoming necessary for an effective digital marketing strategy. They attract new leads and captivate a broader audience. So how exactly can paid social media ads help… read more

2018 Marketing Trends

Every year, businesses look at the latest marketing trends to ensure they’re learning the new methods and tools to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketing industry. Below are some of the latest marketing budget trends to look out for in 2018.   Video Content Is Here to Stay Many businesses are discovering the power of video,… read more

Staying organized is key for any marketing professional. There’s a lot that goes on in the world of marketing each day, from presentations and deadlines to analyzing data and connecting with prospects and clients. It can be easy to lose track of everything that needs to get done on a given day. This is why… read more

  Visual marketing is a trend that doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon, and for good reason. Just like video content, visual content is growing in popularity, thanks in large part to social media. Social media users are beginning to tune out written content that requires analytical thinking and are instead turning to… read more