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The holiday season is right around the corner, and you are no doubt brainstorming the best ways to maximize your business during the busy season. Even if you aren’t selling something that you typically think of as a holiday gift, you can still tap into the buying season! A lot of consumers are in the… read more

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing social network and app created in 2010 (we’re sure you’re familiar with Instagram, just making sure we’re all on the same page here). The app recently reached 300 million daily users and claims that 60 percent of those users discover products and services on the platform, while 75 percent of them… read more

What is retargeting and why do we think it could make an impact on your business? Retargeting is a fancy term for a fairly simple concept. Essentially, the purpose is to advertise to Internet users who have viewed products or services online but did not follow through with their purchase by advertising the specific product… read more

Google Easter Eggs

Happy Friday! The work week is winding down and everyone is looking forward to the weekend. If you are looking to kill a few minutes before the clock hits 5:00, check out some of these Google Easter Eggs! Easter Egg #1 Type “Do a barrel roll” into the google search bar and press Enter. The… read more