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That’s right, even the peeps (well, everyone but Lacy Jo…we didn’t really think it would be very fair to douse her with icy water just hours after giving birth) at Transformation Marketing are getting in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! To be honest, several of our Bean Team members didn’t really even know the… read more

We’re celebrating over 500 blogs and while it is a personal celebration, it comes with a very valuable lesson… Blogs are important. Travis likes to say, “You could get a marketing degree from reading our blog, but we don’t write it for the readers. No one reads it except Google. That’s what we write blogs.”… read more

For a business blog, you can choose from several different writing styles. In today’s Blog about Blogs, we will go over some of those styles and why you might want to choose each one. Here at Transformation Marketing, we write blogs for several different types of businesses, so we use each style frequently. Personal The… read more

Blogs and SEO

We all know that Google is our friend that knows everything. You go to Google to answer all of the questions that we cannot answer ourselves. What everyone may not know is that there are certain things that a business owner can and should do to make sure that Google puts their information where people… read more