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  Visual marketing is a trend that doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon, and for good reason. Just like video content, visual content is growing in popularity, thanks in large part to social media. Social media users are beginning to tune out written content that requires analytical thinking and are instead turning to… read more

  2018 is here, and so are the ever-changing visual trends and technological advances of the new year. Design is an industry that’s subject to constant motion, so it’s important to always be tuned in to the shifting media landscape as it unfolds. Not only is design driven by a fluctuating aesthetic, but also by… read more

When most of us think of the word marketing, we think about people selling goods or services. Sure, that’s the end goal in marketing, but connecting with our audience is most important. Connecting with our audience means showing them things they want to see, teaching them about things that they’re interested in, and most importantly,… read more

Every designer has their favorite fonts, the fonts that they don’t really care for, the fonts they personally have something against… and then there’s the universal, unspoken “Do Not Use” list that designers all know and love to hate. For most of these fonts, they were simply overused at one point because back in the… read more