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Advertising to people on-the-go can be critically important for today’s retailers and restaurants. In fact, a large percentage of searches happen while people are on-the-go or doing something spur-of-the-moment. Below are four ways that retailers and restaurants can – both cheaply and effectively – advertise on search engines. 1. Focused Keywords Highly focused keywords are… read more

Sitelinks are a great way to offer Google searchers even more ways to visit your website. With a recent update advertisers can now enhance their ads on Google even more. In today’s blog post we will discuss the new update to Sitelink Extensions as well as discuss some frequently asked questions about Sitelinks. Why Aren’t… read more

New product launches are exciting because they have a lot of potential for success. But how do you get your customers to notice a new product if none of them are actually searching for it? In today’s blog we’ve got two methods that can provide a lot of great traffic for you newest launch. Display… read more

Negative keywords can help you reach the most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment. When you add terms as negative keywords it means that your ad won’t show to people searching for those terms. With negative keywords, you can: – Prevent your ad from showing to people searching for or… read more