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As a business owner, your single most important marketing tool is perhaps your website. It functions as a “home base” for those seeking information about your business and is often the first touchpoint in what eventually becomes a sale. We have clients come to us all the time wanting a new sleek, modern website for… read more

SEO Is Dead.

Guys, SEO is dead. There. I said it. Seriously, though, if there is a company out there who is still trying to sell you an SEO package based solely on work they’ll do on your website (including meta tags, keywords and inbound links), RUN. They’re old school, are not up-to-date with what Google is doing… read more

Content is King

Having a website for your business or organization is a great first step when it comes to getting “out there” on the World Wide Web. And, since pretty much everyone is connected to the internet ALL the time, having content that’s informative and engaging is an absolute must. So, how do you go about the… read more

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed dramatically over the years. Some changes have made life easier, while others pose a challenge. Social media is a powerful tool available to you for moving up in search engine rankings. Here’s a few tips on leveraging it to your advantage. 1. Followers (real ones) matter.  It seems like… read more