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Here is how we work SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, step by step. Step 1: SEO Audit of Current Website Comparison of Competitors Install Google Analytics on Site Step 2: Fixing Issues on the Website Create Keywords for Each Page Install a blog and begin creating content Step 3: Integrate… read more

1. Increase your Traffic The most important reason to blog is Search Engine Optimization. Blogs can help improve your SEO with frequent and relevant content, helping you gain organic ranking. 2. Connect with your Audience Allowing your clients to get a sneak peak into your company can help get them more connected with your company,… read more

Truths Surrounding SEO

Which factors and elements are crucial to remember when tuning and updating your Search Engine Optimization? At Transformation Marketing we know there is a lot of different influences on your SEO, some small, some large, some complicated and some less. For that reason, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the… read more

Last week, we went over 4 common myths and misconceptions in SEO. This week we are going to give you four more in hopes to help guide you in the right direction. We know there are a lot of companies and services out there that promise to get your website to the top of Google…. read more