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Taco Bell– It’s here, guys. The Taco Bell Emoji Engine. Late last year, following IOS’s release of the taco emoji, Taco Bell created a platform in which users could tweet at the company with the taco emoji followed by any other emoji and the result was a mention by Taco Bell with a graphic combining… read more

Axe Men’s Grooming Products– Axe is known for overpowering body sprays cherished by 14 year-old boys and promoted by chiseled, sweaty, hunky men. This year, Axe tossed the cliché “man’s man” persona and launched its Find Your Magic campaign that features a more realistic portrayal of what men today are. Axe released a 60-second video… read more

Ever been stuck with a severed foot (halloween joke) in your mouth? In Social Media, it happens more than you think. Too often, laziness is the cause of PR disasters on Social Media. While marketing on social media can take your business to the next level, it can also take it down a peg leg… read more

This week in our Social Media Mishaps Video Blog series on the 8 most common mistakes business owners make when running their social media campaign, we talk about over posting. The more you post, the better, right? Well, look at it this way: If someone tells you to remember one thing, it’s not too hard,… read more