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Is there anything more wholesome and sentimental than the county fair? Summertime, funnel cakes, and Ferris wheels; what’s not to love? We’ve had success with event marketing in the past, but this was the first time we marketed the local fair.   The previous year, the Lancaster Event Center worked hard to build a fresh… read more

We all know who and what Papa John’s is; a well-known pizza chain characterized by affordable prices and faced by the guy everyone either loves or loves to hate, Papa John himself (his name is actually John Schnatter). Papa John’s has franchise locations all over the country, each with its own specific market needs. Transformation… read more

TM Trade Show

Located just east of Lincoln, Transformation is relatively unknown by many. Through our participation in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce B2B Expo we increased our visibility, and using our creativity the Transformation Marketing interactive booth kept attendees highly engaged. In 2015 we expanded our staff to include a new salesperson and videographer, opening us up… read more

Nebraska Bank of Commerce is a local bank in Lincoln, Nebraska with two branches, one of which is downtown, blocks away from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. However, even with their convenient location, they find it hard to capture college students as clients, especially with the partnership UNL has with another local bank. Competitor banks… read more