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Nebraska Bank of Commerce is a local bank in Lincoln, Nebraska with two branches, one of which is downtown, blocks away from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. However, even with their convenient location, they find it hard to capture college students as clients, especially with the partnership UNL has with another local bank. Competitor banks… read more

Sartor Hamann

Sartor Hamann is the area’s largest, family owned jewelry company. Their previous campaigns have successfully featured Don and his son, Rick, in a light-hearted approach as diamond coaches. As Don passes the family business off to Rick, a new strategy was sought. We needed to show that while Sartor Hamann is steeped in family tradition,… read more


Nebraska Bank of Commerce is a local, small bank in Lincoln, Nebraska. NBC faced a crucial month where many of their CD deposits were maturing leading to vulnerability of non-renewals. Their CD campaigns have run in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper in the past, but with very scattered branding and low-quality design. We jumped at… read more