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Snapchat 101

Snapchat. You have probably heard of the photo messaging app, and maybe even utilize it for your personal use, but is your business taking advantage of it? We suggest you should be! Snapchat Breakdown Founded in 2011, Snapchat is a mobile messaging app used to share photos and videos for a short amount of time…. read more

National Joke Day

Today is National Tell a Joke Day! To celebrate, we wanted to tell you some of our favorite jokes on our favorite subject, marketing!    What does the new Chips Ahoy marketing director do her first day on the job? Enable cookies.    What’s a personality trait of a bad marketer? Anti-social.    Why did… read more

Meet our Director of Operations! Times flies after realizing I’ve been with Transformation Marketing for six years already! It’s been an adventure to see the company grow and even more of a privilege to be apart of the growing.  My Duties:  My biggest role at Transformation Marketing is to ensure that projects are running smoothly… read more

Meet our boss lady, the founder of Transformation Marketing! I am the founder of Transformation Marketing. My story began with Transformation Marketing 15 years ago in the basement of my house as I decided to leave my management job of two Lincoln banks and follow my dream of creating a marketing agency with my husband,… read more