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Meet our Director of Online Marketing! From starting out as TM’s Social Media Coordinator to my new title and responsibilities as TM’s Director of Online Marketing, a year and a half with this amazing company has left me nothing short than new opportunities to continue my growth. There are so many cool and interesting aspects when it… read more

Alex is dyslexic. Not finding this out until after 3rd grade has greatly increased his efforts to learn the essential skills to read. Literacy is extremely important and supporting organizations who provide services for those that that struggle in this area is very much needed. Currently, there are very few services offered for those with… read more

Meet our Front End Developer! Wow! 4 months seems like a short 2 as I reflect on my time so far here at Transformation Marketing. Each day brings something new and exciting and its been a joyful, fun ride growing with this amazing company these past 4 months!  My Duties: I work on everything from what… read more

Consistency is key… in not only life but social media. The importance of knowing when and what to post on your business’s social media platforms can be confusing… but we’re here to help! And remember, Social Media has two words. Don’t forget about the first word; interact with your followers/friends… like, comment, show interest and gain their attention… read more