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There’s a reason why video content is on the rise. Not only has technology made capturing beautiful, quality images cheaper, video is a form of media that’s proven to engage your customers. It’s is a way to reach out and advertise what you’re selling while simultaneously expressing your brand’s identity and soul.   Filmmaking has… read more

Often, it’s the photography that will make or break a website, brochure, flyer, or any other type of visual advertisement. Bad photography sticks out like a sore thumb and can seriously discredit the professionalism of a brand or business. If the photos in an advertisement look like they were taken with your grandpa’s flip phone, the ad… read more

When selecting a speaker or an actor for a commercial or video, it’s imperative to remember that s/he is the audience’s first impression of your brand. The end goal is to have a spokesperson that’s genuinely believable and is, therefore, one that your target audience will connect with. From silly to serious and everything in between, finding the perfect match for you is what we do best!

There are quite a few services offered for uploading and sharing videos online today. YouTube was the first one to do this on a massive scale and has since become the number one name in video hosting, but some have worries that it’s so over-saturated that their videos will get lost in the online-fray and… read more