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  Dawson County Area Development is responsible for recruiting new businesses and families to move to the area. As part of the recruitment process, the organizations aims to make it easy for relocating families to understand all that the communities have to offer.   Dawson County is in the middle of the state of Nebraska…. read more

2017 is going to be a big one. We’ve got a new president, technology is advancing faster than ever before, and most importantly, the second season of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix (If you haven’t watched the first season, close this window and start the first episode immediately. Seriously, so good). But we… read more

There’s a reason why video content is on the rise. Not only has technology made capturing beautiful, quality images cheaper, video is a form of media that’s proven to engage your customers. It’s is a way to reach out and advertise what you’re selling while simultaneously expressing your brand’s identity and soul.   Filmmaking has… read more

  We’re about to drop a bomb on you, folks. The VCR will officially die by the end of the month. Ok, so maybe it’s not as shocking as we thought. In fact, when our video guy Charles told me about this, my first reaction was, “VCRs are still being made?” Before DVDs, Blu-Rays, and… read more