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In advertising, there’s no worse insult than the c-word. That’s right. Cheesy. (Gotcha!) Even in the sea of creative minds that dominates modern marketing, overused phrases and sayings still plague advertisements today. We had each member of the Transformation team report which exhausted advertising hook made them roll their eyes the quickest. We know that… read more

2016 Super Bowl Commercial Recap

Okay, every year, for some strange reason, the one thing that seems to irritate everyone becomes the one thing everyone wants to see. Fans and non-fans alike gather around the TV, go to viewing parties and flock to YouTube to relive every commercial. As you can imagine, a lot of folks ask us what we… read more

Ever been stuck with a severed foot (halloween joke) in your mouth? In Social Media, it happens more than you think. Too often, laziness is the cause of PR disasters on Social Media. While marketing on social media can take your business to the next level, it can also take it down a peg leg… read more

Major Social Media Fails

Last week, we took a look at some of the greatest social media campaigns so far this year. This week, we’re going to head the the other end of the spectrum and look at some of the worst (and ugliest) campaigns we’ve seen lately. MLK Day Fail The first example of when a social media… read more