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At Transformation Marketing, we value creative, captivating design. Good design should not only grab the eye, but reflect the things we want our clients to feel towards us; respect, credibility, professionalism, personality, trust… the list goes on. When you think of design, think of it as a foundation. It’s the base on which all your other marketing will stand.

We excel in designing all forms of marketing collateral, from sales materials and advertisements to signage and package design.


Thoughts on Logo and Branding:

The most fundamental design piece in branding is the logo. Without a solid, professional logo, everything else cannot fall into place. You’ve seen logos that resemble clip-art, don’t make sense, or look like someone simply made it in a Microsoft Word document. A bad logo will give your business an unprofessional image before you even get a chance to make a positive impression with its positive attributes, like service and quality. Imagine the missed opportunities!

You’ve also seen logos that are too complicated and do not work well across all applications, like business cards or embroidery on a shirt. A logo is much more than just the way it looks to the untrained eye. It needs to be created using the proper programs to ensure it can be properly sized down for small, online ads, or blown up for a billboard or car wrap without loosing shape and clarity.

Once a quality logo has been designed, the next step is to establish consistent branding. It’s important to always have consistency throughout all promotional pieces. When each piece of a company’s marketing materials looks completely different, the image becomes fragmented and unrecognizable, causing confusion in the marketplace and a disconnect with customers. However, when you stay consistent, consumers are able to recognize your brand before even seeing your logo. This is referred to as top-of-mind awareness. Consumers will think of you more easily and more often because they have mentally recognized and documented your look.


At Transformation Marketing, we put extensive thought and research into each design, making sure that it aligns with your company’s ideals, personality, and values. We make a point to get to know our clients and their company before beginning any design. Our relationship with our clients and our team-oriented approach has given us the ability to truly work WITH our clients to create a brand that fits their business’s culture.