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At Transformation, we’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate. Lucky for us, March 5th is Learn What Your Name Means Day! (It counts, ok?) In honor of this holiday, we did a little research to figure out the symbolic meaning of each of our names. You may know us as web developers, social media marketers, and video producers, but it seems our names tell a…different story. Check it out!







The name ‘Shannon’ comes from Ireland’s longest river, River Shannon. In Irish, the meaning of ‘Shannon’ is “little old wise one.”



In English, the meaning of the name ‘Travis’ is “toll-collector” and often refers to crossroads or crossing.



The name ‘Lacy’ means “from or belonging to Lassy,” which is an area in Northwestern France.  



The name ‘David’ means beloved or friend. ‘David’ is also the Hebrew word for ‘uncle.’



‘Claire’ is from French origins and means “clear and bright.”



The Celtic meaning of the name ‘Sawyer’ is literally “cuts timber.” In English, a sawyer is someone who cuts wood for a living.



‘Charles’ is derived from a Germanic word that means “man.” However, a different theory says it comes from another Germanic word meaning “army or warrior.”



The name ‘Julia’ comes from Latin roots that mean “youthful” and “soft-haired.”



‘Laura’ comes from the laurel or sweet bay tree, which is symbolic of honor and victory.



The name “April” means “opening buds of spring” or simply “born in the month of April.”



The English meaning of ‘Matt’ is “gift of God.”



‘Janessa’ is historically of Scottish and Norwegian origin and means “high standing lady.”


Think you know the Bean Team? Think again! Not only are we creative, strategic, innovative marketers, apparently we’re lumberjacks, toll booth operators, and hair models as well. Thanks for reading!


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