bad marketing

In advertising, there’s no worse insult than the c-word. That’s right. Cheesy. (Gotcha!) Even in the sea of creative minds that dominates modern marketing, overused phrases and sayings still plague advertisements today. We had each member of the Transformation team report which exhausted advertising hook made them roll their eyes the quickest. We know that ‘hate’ is a strong word, and that’s exactly why we’re using it to describe these cliche marketing phrases.







Children advising parents on finances, real estate, insurance etc. (We know that your kids are cute, but they don’t need to be in your commercials.)
-Shannon Filing, President

“For all your ___ needs…!”
-Travis Filing, Director of Sales

“Call now!” (It sounds demanding and salesy. I got that you wanted me to call when you gave me your phone number…)
-Lacy Jo Donald, Director of Operations

“Inventory Liquidation Sale!”
-Laurie Fraser, Business Development

“Your one-stop shop!”
-Sawyer Davidson, Sales Coordinator

“Everything must go!”
-Charles Allen, Videographer

“Be sure to check out ___!” (BE SURE! You better be sure about it!)
-Julia Jackson, Social Media Coordinator

“Don’t miss this one-time sale!”
-Rachelle Friesen, Graphic Designer

“Are you tired of ___?” (The only thing I’m tired of is ads that open with this!)
-Laura Barker, Marketing Assistant

Anything that references ‘wheelhouses.’ (Unless, of course, they’re actually talking about wheelhouses.)
-April Kester, Blog Writer

If you’ve come across a phrase in this list that you’ve used in your own advertising, we want to respectfully tell you that you probably sound like a bad late-night infomercial. Let the marketing superheroes at Transformation create something unique, original, and unforgettable to make your business stand out among the rest!

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