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Some say it’s legend, but we argue it is only legendary. Our media services afford you the ability to save valuable time taking meetings with media sales reps. Not only will we save you time, we’ll negotiate rates to keep you from wasting precious marketing dollars. The Wall Street Journal found that CEOs spend about 40% of a 55 hour work week in meetings and on phone calls. Assuming only 1/2 of those are media/marketing sales calls, you could be spending nearly $1,100 a week on meetings and phone calls.

Transformation is:

  • Media agnostic- we only consider what is in the best interest of our clients
  • Completely biased toward our clients’ best interests, not every sales pitch that comes along
  • Knowledgeable in all media and will only entertain the best fit for your objectives
  • Okay with saying NO if something is not the right fit for your marketing¬†goals
  • Your ally to save you time meeting with every “#1 media” in the market- we’ll do that for you




TV is a great place to get your company noticed, as it offers many choices in programming, networks, approach, and messaging. As with all marketing, the first step in TV strategy is to determine who you want to reach. We do research to figure out where and how your core customer spends their time. From here, we find the programs and networks that offer the best opportunity to reach them. To make the perfect combination, we match a TV plan that offers proficient reach and frequency with a message that will be well-received and remembered. Remember: what you watch isn’t necessarily what your buyers watch.



In markets like Lincoln NE, it’s easy to select a radio station that will reach a large listener base because Lincoln has a relatively low number of stations for its size. However, finding the right station(s) for your core clients in any market is a job for the professionals. Negotiating the right rates and placement is essential in getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Picking the right station is not simply calling the station you listen to, it is finding the right station to reach the people you want to hear your message. Transformation Marketing can take your radio marketing to the next level with a quality advertisement and key placement.



It used to be that billboards were “the big thing” in advertising. It was like seeing your name in lights. These days, it really takes the right type of company to belong on a billboard and get results. But if you are one of those companies, and a billboard advertisement makes sense, you’ll want professionals to execute it correctly. (Let’s face it, they’re not inexpensive.)

Too many times we see companies cram a ton of information onto a billboard and use text that is way too small. Having a lot of space doesn’t necessarily mean every inch must be covered. You have to remember how quickly people are driving by these huge business cards. You want your message and design to be short, concise, and striking. Remember that billboards are everywhere¬†and often become background scenery, which makes them easy to ignore.