We are honored to welcome our two new Interns, Dan and Taylor! Once again, we are blessed with another talented group of young minds. They’ve only been with us for a few weeks and already we’ve seen what amazing work they are capable of.

Dan, our new video intern, has a true passion for videography. Ever since he got his first camera at the age of 10, he’s had a knack for bringing stories to life through video. He’s already done impressive work so far and we can’t wait to see what else he has to offer!

About Dan:

“Hi my name is Dan. I like to think I’m pretty cool, but whether or not I really am doesn’t actually make any difference. I grew up on an acreage tucked inside my grandma’s farm outside of the Village of Adams. I enjoyed tromping though the native grass prairie, fishing, exploring, and hunting. I’ve always been a hobby photographer and bought by first camera at age 10. It was film. Later, I tried to be an engineer, but that didn’t work, so I dropped out of college and took an internship at Timberlake Ranch Camps near Central City, NE. It was there I discovered my passion for video, and I invested in my first video camera: a GoPro Hero2. After my internship, I began my video degree at Metro Community College in Elkhorn and invested in my first real camera: a Sony Alpha 77 (video from this guy makes GoPro look like a budget film). I lived in a retired monastery in North Omaha for two years while attending school (I’ve always found beauty in character, which goes back to my grassroots personality), but city life took its toll on me. I fled the city like a trophy white tail buck chased by a mountain lion and took refuge in my parents’ basement. While residing there, several people mentioned me to the good folks over at Transformation Marketing (a meager 12 miles from the basement). Without knowing they even offered internship positions, I gave them a call, and they brought me on as the video intern. Woot! I have enjoyed working on some high-profile projects and the invaluable (not un-valuable, mind you) experience. Welp, that’s about it. I guess now you and I are about as good as friends. Coffee next Thursday?”

FullSizeRenderOur talented marketing intern, Taylor, comes all the way from Minnesota to study advertising at UNL. Currently in her Junior year, she’s found an interest in advertising and, from what we’ve seen, has already shown the ability to do great things here at Transformation. Help us welcome, Taylor!

About Taylor:

“I’m Taylor and I’m a junior studying advertising and public relations at UNL. Born and raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota, often time’s people ask what I’m doing in Nebraska. My answer normally consists of the great journalism school, perfect distance from home, and GO BIG RED! Things I enjoy doing include traveling the world, spending time with my friends, eating Raising Canes, and hanging out with my little white fluff ball of a dog, Milo. 

I chose to study advertising in college because it just seemed like the right fit. I’ve always been interested in what makes a brand stand out from the rest and communicating ideas to others, and at Transformation Marketing I get to do both. I’m so excited to be a part of the team and have the opportunity to work alongside such friendly and inspiring people!”

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