Consistency is key… in not only life but social media. The importance of knowing when and what to post on your business’s social media platforms can be confusing… but we’re here to help! And remember, Social Media has two words. Don’t forget about the first word; interact with your followers/friends… like, comment, show interest and gain their attention by giving them attention. 

Social Formula: 30% Relevant News/ Info of Industry + 30% Fun and Relevant Content + 30% Announcements, Promotions, Photographs+ 10% Advertisement 

Facebook: 2-3x a week | best time to post: 2-5pm & 6-8pm 

Twitter: 4-5x a week | 4-30x a day | best time to post: 1-4 pm

Pinterest: 4-5x a week | minimum of 3 pins a day | best time to pin: 2-4pm & 8-11 pm

LinkedIn: 3-4x a week | 1 post | best time to post:7-8:30, 10-12 am, & 4-6pm 

Instagram: 3-4x a week | 1-2 posts | best time to post: 1-5 pm & 6-9 pm

Google Plus: 2-3x a week | 2-3 posts | best time to post: morning 


The above is a good guideline/strategy to follow but don’t be afraid to change to do what’s best for your business.

Any questions or concerns, be sure to comment below and we will try our best to provide the answers you need. 


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