Guys, SEO is dead. There. I said it.

Seriously, though, if there is a company out there who is still trying to sell you an SEO package based solely on work they’ll do on your website (including meta tags, keywords and inbound links), RUN. They’re old school, are not up-to-date with what Google is doing in their algorithms and in the end, are going to hurt you more than they’ll help you.

For a year, now, we’ve not sold SEO as a stand-alone website update, but in conjunction with our Social Media packages. Beginning this month, we’re not even calling it SEO anymore. Because SEO is dead.



Because Google doesn’t want to serve you a single product or service in response to your question. Google wants to send you to resources such as Yelp, YellowPages and blogs that address the subject on a greater level. Google wants you to have options. Lots of options. (Seriously. If you don’t believe me, search Restaurants Lincoln, NE. You get the local listings, which are not based on SEO as we’ve known it in the past, then you get TripAdvisor, Yelp and, along with some blogs that talk about the top restaurants in Lincoln.)

Because meta-tags and keyword stuffing can now hurt you, badly, and that’s not what we do.

Because Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, they’re all search engines, now. Your website isn’t the only thing you need to optimize and Google isn’t the only thing you have to optimize it for.


So, what do you/we do?

Change our approach.

If Google wants to serve up great answers to people’s questions, we create blogs with great content that will actually help and engage your readers.

If Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all search engines, now, we optimize those platforms with great content as well.

If Google allows you to take up more space on the results page because you’ve tagged sections of your website correctly, we tag everything correctly on your website. (Note: This is called micro-tagging, not meta-tagging, and it’s a piece of SERP-Search Engine Results Page, not SEO-Search Engine Optimization. AND… It CAN help your Google Local listing’s rank, as it tells Google the information it likes to put in the local listing without Google having to work to find it.)


SEO meant Search Engine Optimization. It was a specific service marketing companies performed for their clients. At Transformation Marketing, we don’t do that. We want to help you on as many levels as we can. So, we don’t sell SEO. We sell Web Optimization, which is a combination of optimizing your site’s micro-tags, your social campaign’s posts, and your blog’s content.

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  1. Shannon,

    We are looking for ways to improve our listing rank for GF&S. We are interested in solutions you might be able to offer.

    Please contact Lori and I to talk about.

    Thank you.

    R.J. Lipert

    • Lacy Jo 4 Dec Reply

      We will get in touch with you soon, RJ! Thanks!

  2. I’m interested in hearing more. However, our website is a franchise company type of website. How would you work with that type of situation?

    • Lacy Jo 4 Dec Reply

      In that type of situation, we focus more on optimizing you other places on web, as we aren’t always able to optimize franchise sites. Luckily, there are many other ways to help get you out there online! (We’ve worked with several franchises in doing this in the past including Papa John’s and Interstate Battery.) Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss further!

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