Snapchat. You have probably heard of the photo messaging app, and maybe even utilize it for your personal use, but is your business taking advantage of it? We suggest you should be!

Snapchat Breakdown
Founded in 2011, Snapchat is a mobile messaging app used to share photos and videos for a short amount of time. When a user sends a “snapchat,” a photo or 10-second video will first be taken and customized (with writing, drawing, emoji’s, etc.) before being sent off to selected friends the user chose. Snapchat users are also allowed to forward their photos and videos to what’s called a “Snapchat Story.” Content that had been sent to a user’s snapchat story is viewable, unlimitedly for the next 24 hours.

Is Snapchat A Good Marketing Strategy?
Absolutely! Snapchat has turned into one of the fastest growing social media networks out today! It is estimated 158 million people are using snapchat and on average open the app 18x a day. Putting those numbers into perspective, one snapchat user is averaging 25-30 minutes daily on the app.

Snapchat is a great tool to market your brand and products while adding a fun, personal twist to your company name. A few of our favorite Snapchat features that will grow your brand and reach your audience in new ways include:

1. Takes People “Behind The Walls”
Snapchat is a great tool to take your followers behind the scenes on what goes on day-to-day. From the stock room to daily company meetings, show off all the hard work that goes into to making your business successful.

2. New Product Alert
This photo/video app is an excellent way to get your customers excited about what may be coming to your store. Take a sneak peek photo and video and get the chatter started.

3. Personalized Geofilters
Snapchat, again, allows your business to go a step further when marketing your company. Geofilters are an insanely cheap feature your business can add to help target certain business areas and current and potential customers. To create a Geofilter, visit the Snapchat website, and there is an easy step by step process to create the perfect Geofilter for your company,

Snapchat is meant to be fun and exciting. Experiment with new words and filters, what you showcase through photos and videos, as well as who and how you are targeting customers to help build a successful social media account for your business.

Already use Snapchat for your business, what are some tips and tricks you found?

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