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Sartor Hamann is the area’s largest, family owned jewelry company. Their previous campaigns have successfully featured Don and his son, Rick, in a light-hearted approach as diamond coaches. As Don passes the family business off to Rick, a new strategy was sought. We needed to show that while Sartor Hamann is steeped in family tradition, they are current with the new jewelry and engagement ring buyer.

We needed to deploy a brand new marketing campaign in 2 markets to promote jewelry sales in general, but with a focus toward engagement and wedding ring sales during the fall months. Outcome success would be measured by comparable sales from previous years.


It is reported that 65% of people are visual learners and that website visitors are up to 86% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Knowing that 73% of people also say that positive customer reviews will make them trust a business more, we felt that video testimonials were the way to resonate with potential new customers. We felt letting the customers share their own experiences should make the most impact, and it did!

Then we selected a group of actual customers strategically by having all ages of couples represented. There should be a person you would identify with within the key age groups we targeted of people ages 25-45.

Having annual TV buys in both markets we could deploy the new campaign without raising the ad dollars needed, making the positive impact of the strategy even greater.

The timing of the campaign was ideally set to allow message lead-time before their core-buying season in the fall. We released the commercials in June and ran them through the end of the year.


As mentioned, we deployed the campaign in June, expecting during the summer months people would hear the message and choose Sartor Hamann to buy jewelry during the fall months or their more peak months of sales. However, we were pleased to find that the message resonated so much with the audience that sales during June, July and August (which are typically the slowest sales time of the year) performed quite well. In fact, they had their strongest summer sales in 2015 than any other year in their 110-year history! The only thing we changed was the message – no additional ad money was spent.

The videos got over 300 online views as well.