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A common trend we are seeing is what we call the “Whack-A-Mole” or “Now you see it, Now you don’t” approach to advertising; radio stations in particular are promoting these plans to entice advertisers to reach a “broader market”. In actuality, they are making your marketing completely ineffective.

The pitch/plan they present is you sign into a 12-month contract and the group will rotate your ads to a different station either every week or every month. Let’s say this group has 4 radio stations, Country, News/Talk, Top 40 and Rock. On the surface, this looks like a great opportunity! These formats are very popular and a lot of people listen to them, but let’s dig deeper.

First, successful marketing requires frequency and this plan does not offer you any. Radio listeners have favorite stations, if a person is a Top 40 listener the odds of that listener also tuning into a News/Talk station is very, very low. So, that Top 40 listener has heard your ad once or twice and then they don’t hear from you for 3 weeks or 3 months depending on your plan.

Second, successful marketing requires you reach the right target market. Target markets require more thought than the obvious. If you own a restaurant, don’t make the assumption that everyone is in your target market because “everyone eats”. What is your price point? Who is coming more than 1 time per month or year? What group of customers do you want to grow immediately?

Third, successful marketing requires you know your sales cycle. If you are selling pizza the cycle is short. Consumers order pizza 2-3 times per month. If you are selling carpet, your sales cycle can be 5-15 years between purchases. The shorter the sales cycle the higher frequency you need to keep consumers coming back.

As an ex-radio salesman, it always saddened me when I would meet with a business owner and they would say, “Radio doesn’t work” or even when they would say my competition (TV) “doesn’t work”. It all works. Some better than others depending on your product/service, budget, target and that target markets lifestyle.

Remember, when it comes to marketing: 1) pick a target market 2) Determine where you can reach that market with a high frequency 3) Buy that medium long-term. At Transformation Marketing, we know what has proven results and can help you implement those methods in your marketing, customized to your business!