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As July begins, we take a look back at the top ads from June. These videos are filled with summer commercials about family and making memories. Brands connect with their consumer by connecting with a season or holiday. For example, with 4th of July coming up, many ads are very patriotic to reach their consumer on a personal level. By making this connection, viewers can relate and will be excited to see what the brand has to offer.


The top ad of June goes to Subaru for their commercial, “2016 Subaru Forester: Making Memories.” This ad is one of many from Subaru that brings an emotional feeling to the viewer. Subaru has been running a campaign that involves family, and shows new and old Subaru’s. The brand wants people to know that their brand lasts and can be passed down. They also want to show that if you trade in your Subaru, you will want to buy another Subaru because you won’t be able to let go and buy a different brand of car.


In this commercial, we see a father cleaning out an old Subaru in the driveway behind a new one. As he cleans it out, he remembers memories. He sees a crayon and remembers his daughter in elementary school. He picks up a hospital band and remembers the time she broke her leg. After cleaning it out, we see the father pass down the keys to his daughter. We see her drive away as he stands next to his new Subaru Forester: “You can pass down a Subaru, but you get to keep the memories.”

The commercial definitely connected to its audience. They were able to target buyers for new cars and show that their brand is so reliable that the older ones can be passed down to family. Subaru wants to be known more for how long lasting and reliable the brand is. Overall, the brand did a great job of selling new cars and showing you can still keep the old one in good hands.


The other top ad of the month comes from YouTube itself. To celebrate 10 years, YouTube showed “The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years.” A rapper raps using the letters from the alphabet while showing clips from the top YouTube videos over the past 10 years. It is a very interesting mash-up of music videos to silly and funny videos.


This ad celebrated how much YouTube has changed and shows everything it can be used for. Most people will recognize clips from Jimmy Kimmel, covers and music videos, and the latest dance moves. It shows how diverse YouTube has become and is not only for entertainment, but also tutorials for anything possible. With YouTube being so diverse, many people are now searching YouTube rather than using Google.

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Video has become a powerful medium to use in marketing. This means with good content, video can become the main strategy for your business. When video has good content to add to the strategy, it will be exactly what the consumer wants.


  1. “74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.”


This statistic is very effective and demonstrates how much more important video will become in the next year. If you have not implemented video into your marketing strategy yet, there is no better time than now. If over half of users are going to the Internet to look at videos, your brand must have something for consumers to watch. With so many consumers watching videos, you must also have a high quality video, so that they will watch and enjoy the video.


  1. “53% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.”


When a marketer pays for a service, they want to see the results. With video, the brand will see the best return of investment. The good thing about using video, are the analytics that come from the results. A brand is able to see if viewers were watching the whole video and even where they were watching. This helps when creating future videos because it shows how effective the video was. If the video was reaching the right target audience, but could use other changes, these results will tell the business for upcoming videos.


  1. “93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communications.”


Video is not only popular among viewers, but to marketers as well. Video can be used in many different functions and the content can be changed to fit each brand. After filming, videographers are able to create different messages by combining and changing existing video. This allows brands to reach different target audiences at a faster rate. The other nice thing about video is the ability of sharing it with others through social media outlets, websites, and email.


Creating video with good content to be shared with viewers can be challenging. Contact Transformation Marketing, near Lincoln, Nebraska, today to set up your next commercial. Come down to our production studio, or we can film on site, to create your next high quality advertisement for your brand.

As May comes to an end this week, we look back at the top viral ad videos for the month. If you missed last month’s ads, you should check them out. These are the advertisements that the consumers are interested in watching and can lead them to buying a product. Video is very important in reaching the consumer in an entertaining way.


The top video ad, “Drone Football,” was done by Pepsi to promote their Pepsi MAX drink. The ad was shot in Barcelona, Spain and shows the use of a drone. In the beginning of the ad we see a drone dropping out from the sky holding a soccer ball. It is lit up in Pepsi colors and as it descends it lights up a concrete area with soccer field lines.


After the lines show the field, goals appear and a scoreboard shows on the buildings. The ball drops and a group of people begin to play soccer. As the ball moves and they score, special effects show throughout the field with sounds and cheers. At the end, the drone takes the football and leaves the field.


Overall this ad was very well done and shows new technology that Pepsi can bring. Pepsi was able to surprise a group of people with a game of soccer and create a lasting memory. By doing this, they were able to reach their consumers with something they love.


Another top ad, “The Call,” was produced for Verizon to advertise their cell network by partnering with the NFL. The ad has a voiceover that talks about before everything there is a call. It shows NFL prospects surrounded by family when they get the call. As they get it we see and hear cheering as the players get drafted into the NFL.


“Before mom bursts into tears, there’s a call.” It is a very emotional ad, as the players get the call and the families realize the future for their family member. It ends by telling the consumer to watch the NFL prospects prepare for the call.


This ad was very heartwarming and exciting to watch. It shows the anxiety leading up to the call and the excitement after it happens. I think Verizon was very smart to partner with the NFL, because the brands mesh well together in this video. The video even links back to videos showing testimonials of individual players talking about their journey up to the NFL. It makes the brand feel very personal and shows a connection between the brand and viewer.

These two viral ads were able to make a connection between the consumers and the brand by using something personal that the viewers have a passion for. Here at Transformation Marketing, near Lincoln, Nebraska, we can produce videos that connect to your consumers.



Producing video has never been an easy task to do. To create video content, it used to take large amounts of time and lots of money. This meant that small companies did not have the resources to have videos produced. “And just last year in Vidyard’s video marketing survey, marketers reported difficulties producing video content because of lack of budget, lack of in-house resources, and difficulty crafting compelling content.”


Most brands know that video is very important to their marketing strategy and that it is effective in reaching the consumer. The problem with video is how difficult the content can be in creating.


Some brands choose to go with an inexpensive video, but have to compromise on a vital piece for the video. When a company does this, they risk the resources and quality of the video. Freelancers may have better prices, but this forces the brand to manage their own projects and find the right person for the job.


If you skip around to different freelancers, the projects will become inconsistent. For example, you want to avoid having one person write the script and another filming or editing. With different people doing separate pieces of the project, inconsistency can occur and the commercial will not be a high quality piece.


The easiest way to have a high quality video with great content, is to hire an agency to do the video for your brand. By having a production company to film, edit, and create the content for your ads, you will have one person handling your project from beginning to end. Sometimes, the cost will be worth a high quality video, that the consumer will want to watch. If the consumer enjoys a video, it will be shared and will bring brand awareness to your company.


Here at Transformation Marketing, near Lincoln, Nebraska, we have a video department that can create high quality videos. We have a production studio and sound booth to produce your next video that can be used on traditional media or shared on social media. Contact us for your upcoming video needs!