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Dawson County Nebraska Logo


Dawson County Area Development is responsible for recruiting new businesses and families to move to the area. As part of the recruitment process, the organizations aims to make it easy for relocating families to understand all that the communities have to offer.

Dawson County is in the middle of the state of Nebraska. It’s rich with agriculture, hard-working citizens, and a diverse workforce; all attributes that build strong communities. The three largest cities in this area include Lexington, Gothenburg, and Cozad, each of which offers employment opportunities in manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and hospitality. Our mission with Dawson County was to create a set of videos to support recruitment efforts and communicate all of the advantages that lie in central Nebraska.

As you know, video is an invaluable tool. It utilizes both the visual and audio senses while providing a vehicle to deliver emotion, establish trust, and build connections outside of face-to-face contact. Video also holds several online benefits as well. According to a report by Allen Matkins, websites featuring videos are 40 to 50 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google. For this particular project, video afforded Dawson County the ability to spotlight their greatest assets during presentations with business prospects and while applying for grant funding. More importantly, Area Development is now able to simply email a link with a full overview of the area upon request.

Shannon, the president of Transformation Marketing, holds Dawson County near and dear to her heart, as she had family in Lexington when she was growing up. She remembers her trips to the area as a little girl; beautiful agricultural scenery, friendly people, and quaint business districts. With those memories guiding our video visions, we set out to capture that sentiment while highlighting the opportunities the area holds for businesses and families in years to come.

During shooting, we used a combination of handheld cameras and panning drone shots. We included shots of area townsfolk, stores in the downtown business districts, industries on the edge of towns, agriculture operations, and its proximity to major interstates. 


We couldn’t be happier with the results of this project. The organization loved how the video touched on each element of Dawson County and was complemented by an uplifting tone. The first video was used during a presentation of other area development agencies and received positive response. Since then, we’ve done another series with a neighboring county.

These videos will be used in ongoing efforts to promote relocation to the Dawson County area, which is a process that takes several months or even years to achieve. As such, immediate relocations were not the goal or expectation. However, the first video launch garnered over 1800 views on YouTube without any paid promotion. Check out the final products below! 




Lancaster County Super Fair

Is there anything more wholesome and sentimental than the county fair? Summertime, funnel cakes, and Ferris wheels; what’s not to love? We’ve had success with event marketing in the past, but this was the first time we marketed the local fair.


The previous year, the Lancaster Event Center worked hard to build a fresh new brand for the fair, and they wanted to promote it along with all of the exciting activities happening at 2016’s Super Fair. They needed a strong online presence and felt that building a Facebook page specifically for the fair would be the best way to hyper-promote it. This allowed us to start with a fresh new audience. We began on April 25, 2016, which gave us 113 days until the end of the fair. We needed to gain fans and interactions, and we needed to do it fast. We had access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to achieve our goal of making the 2016 Super Fair a huge success.


We hit the ground running with posts to build up the new SuperFair Facebook page, as well as posts to the Lancaster Event Center Facebook page announcing the new page was available. We needed Lancaster Event Center’s current audience to follow us over to the new Super Fair page in order to gain new fans. Their Twitter and Instagram accounts were also new for the season. As always, content is key. We crafted engaging posts that would build excitement for fair-goers and gain attendance from new fair attendees.


We did weekly giveaways leading up to the fair, talked about the upcoming events, and encouraged fans to reminisce about fairs of years past. This was truly a blend of remembering old traditions while building new memories at the county fair. This hometown fair features the best our communities have to offer in the way of youth 4-H contests, ag competitions, animal entertainment, and music– lots of music. With over 300 events during the 2-week fair, we made sure our communication pieces were creative and informative without being confusing and overwhelming. The audience that attends the fair is very diverse due to the wide range of activities and entertainment it offers. We promoted the rough and tough outdoor sports, monster trucks, and races to the male followers, 4-H events to families with children, and the Midway Carnival to school-age kids as well as the college crowd. We also learned from previous years’ surveys that we had a strong 50+ crowd that attended many of the concerts. Balancing this vast demographic and all the events on one page was exciting, and at times, a challenge. We continually expressed that there was something for everyone at the Super Fair and encouraged multiple generations to attend.


During the fair, we sent team members out to “go live” on Facebook, take photos of events as they were happening, and amp up exposure right up until the last day.


In 113 days, we gained 1,070 fans on the new Super Fair Facebook page alone. From May to June, Facebook fans grew 130%, post likes were up 400%, comments were up 1,400%, and shares were up 58%. Twitter followers also increased 178%. From June to July (leading right up to the fair), Facebook fans increased 138%, post likes increased 78%, comments increased 70%, and shares increased 117%. Facebook page fans increased another 40% in August, which was the month of the event. Overall, we were able to dramatically increase 2016 Super Fiar attendance from 2015’s fair, despite some difficult weather situations and short timeline.

As July begins, we take a look back at the top ads from June. These videos are filled with summer commercials about family and making memories. Brands connect with their consumer by connecting with a season or holiday. For example, with 4th of July coming up, many ads are very patriotic to reach their consumer on a personal level. By making this connection, viewers can relate and will be excited to see what the brand has to offer.


The top ad of June goes to Subaru for their commercial, “2016 Subaru Forester: Making Memories.” This ad is one of many from Subaru that brings an emotional feeling to the viewer. Subaru has been running a campaign that involves family, and shows new and old Subaru’s. The brand wants people to know that their brand lasts and can be passed down. They also want to show that if you trade in your Subaru, you will want to buy another Subaru because you won’t be able to let go and buy a different brand of car.


In this commercial, we see a father cleaning out an old Subaru in the driveway behind a new one. As he cleans it out, he remembers memories. He sees a crayon and remembers his daughter in elementary school. He picks up a hospital band and remembers the time she broke her leg. After cleaning it out, we see the father pass down the keys to his daughter. We see her drive away as he stands next to his new Subaru Forester: “You can pass down a Subaru, but you get to keep the memories.”

The commercial definitely connected to its audience. They were able to target buyers for new cars and show that their brand is so reliable that the older ones can be passed down to family. Subaru wants to be known more for how long lasting and reliable the brand is. Overall, the brand did a great job of selling new cars and showing you can still keep the old one in good hands.


The other top ad of the month comes from YouTube itself. To celebrate 10 years, YouTube showed “The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years.” A rapper raps using the letters from the alphabet while showing clips from the top YouTube videos over the past 10 years. It is a very interesting mash-up of music videos to silly and funny videos.


This ad celebrated how much YouTube has changed and shows everything it can be used for. Most people will recognize clips from Jimmy Kimmel, covers and music videos, and the latest dance moves. It shows how diverse YouTube has become and is not only for entertainment, but also tutorials for anything possible. With YouTube being so diverse, many people are now searching YouTube rather than using Google.

Here at Transformation Marketing, near Lincoln, Nebraska, we can create commercials that can be uploaded to your YouTube page. We have the ability to create high quality content that consumers love. Our video department is skilled in creating videos that can be shared across multiple platforms including social and T.V.. Book your next video with Transformation today!

Video has become a powerful medium to use in marketing. This means with good content, video can become the main strategy for your business. When video has good content to add to the strategy, it will be exactly what the consumer wants.


  1. “74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.”


This statistic is very effective and demonstrates how much more important video will become in the next year. If you have not implemented video into your marketing strategy yet, there is no better time than now. If over half of users are going to the Internet to look at videos, your brand must have something for consumers to watch. With so many consumers watching videos, you must also have a high quality video, so that they will watch and enjoy the video.


  1. “53% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.”


When a marketer pays for a service, they want to see the results. With video, the brand will see the best return of investment. The good thing about using video, are the analytics that come from the results. A brand is able to see if viewers were watching the whole video and even where they were watching. This helps when creating future videos because it shows how effective the video was. If the video was reaching the right target audience, but could use other changes, these results will tell the business for upcoming videos.


  1. “93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communications.”


Video is not only popular among viewers, but to marketers as well. Video can be used in many different functions and the content can be changed to fit each brand. After filming, videographers are able to create different messages by combining and changing existing video. This allows brands to reach different target audiences at a faster rate. The other nice thing about video is the ability of sharing it with others through social media outlets, websites, and email.


Creating video with good content to be shared with viewers can be challenging. Contact Transformation Marketing, near Lincoln, Nebraska, today to set up your next commercial. Come down to our production studio, or we can film on site, to create your next high quality advertisement for your brand.