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Today we are proud and excited to welcome Heather Husen, the newest member of the Transformation Marketing team as she joins our Graphic Design Department. During our search for a new designer, we interviewed many incredibly talented individuals. The decision was a hard one, but the thing that really made Heather stand out was her very obvious passion for design, the position she was interviewing for and even the company. Heather started a week ago and she has already shown great talent, knowledge and innovation. She is currently finishing up her last semester at Doane, so she joins the team part time until she graduates in May. We are very excited about what she will bring to the company and to our clients.

Heather Tells us a little bit about herself:

Pardon the pun, but I’ve always been “drawn” to good design.

Growing up on our farm outside of Newcastle, Nebraska, nothing was off limits: tabletops and bedroom walls weren’t safe from me and my trusty box of crayons. But thanks to mom’s encouragement, I learned to move my art from the walls in our home to the paper in my notepad. I’d sit at the desk in my dad’s office for hours, filling up sheets of paper with all kinds of characters and scenes from my imagination.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my passion for design was sparked by my kindergarten teacher who introduced me to a computer game called “KidPix”. You could call it Photoshop with training wheels. I was amazed by the shapes and patterns I could make with the click of a mouse.  But my favorite part was when my teacher printed my projects – holding what had just been on a computer screen in my hands fascinated me to no end.

It took me a while to find my way back to design, and it wasn’t until sophomore year of college (after a brief time as a Spanish/Psychology double major) when I realized that graphic design is what I was meant to do.  To me, nothing is more satisfying than starting a project and seeing it all the way through. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the team at Transformation Marketing: where I can live my passion every day.

Shannon (TM President) says, “I could tell when I met Heather that she was not only talented but driven. I was encouraged to hear the many glowing recommendations both from her professors and clients. Welcome aboard Heather!”

New product launches are exciting because they have a lot of potential for success. But how do you get your customers to notice a new product if none of them are actually searching for it? In today’s blog we’ve got two methods that can provide a lot of great traffic for you newest launch.

Display Marketing
As someone browses websites, news sites, discussion forums, watches videos, and reads personal blogs they are exposed to display marketing ads. These ads are just like what magazines and newspapers have been doing for years. They use great content to sell products and services to their readers. The value of display marketing in a new product launch is that you can show ads to people that would otherwise be unaware of the new product.

The disadvantage of search marketing is that it requires the person to search for that particular keyword in order for them to see one of your ads. Display marketing can put an ad in front of millions of people that are all equally valuable to that advertiser.

For example, let’s say you are launching some new running shoes for people with back pain. People would not search for “running shoes for back pain” thus a search campaign would have a very difficult time getting traffic. However, a display ad could be seen by millions of people when placed on valid articles that refer to back pain and running.

Social Media
Another great way to get a new product launched successfully is to use social media. By creating a blog, writing articles, and distributing those articles advertisers can help generate buzz about a new product or service. Popular social media sites are designed to bring small things to light. Likes, retweets, shares, and discussions about your new product will help you reach new customers, specifically those customers that would have no other way of learning about your latest product.

No matter how you choose to market your newest product, we highly encourage that you have professionals help! At Transformation Marketing, we know that there is no one right way that works for all products. We can help you evaluate your product and what medium would work best for its launch!