Meet our Director of Operations!

Times flies after realizing I’ve been with Transformation Marketing for six years already! It’s been an adventure to see the company grow and even more of a privilege to be apart of the growing. 

My Duties: 

My biggest role at Transformation Marketing is to ensure that projects are running smoothly and all the pieces are going to all the correct people at the right time. The more smoothly the project can go, the better the client’s experience and the more profitable we can be in what we do.

Past Experience That Led You To Transformation Marketing:

I graduated UNK with a Travel & Tourism degree and a minor in Graphic Design. I was planning on being an event planner, but as I took marketing classes in college, that interested me a lot as well. During college, I did graphic design and administrative work for the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, which is a major event that happened annually in Kearney. When I graduated, I accepted a role at the Kearney Chamber of Commerce organizing their committees and from there, moved to Lincoln to work more with events at a conference center. No matter where I was, though, I ended up having my hand in the marketing. So, I jumped at the opportunity to work for a marketing company when the opportunity presented itself. Shannon (our founder) promised that I would be “getting in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company” and she stayed true to that promise. I have loved every minute of it.

3 Words That Define Me:

This is a tough one. 3 words… Here we go: Dedicated. Multi-Tasker. Problem-Solver.  

Hobbies Outside Of Work: 

I play guitar and sing. I used to do more of this, but have gotten pretty busy the last five years. Having kids will do that to you. I’m a very proud #boymom (if you don’t believe me check out my Instagram feed). I love to cook and crochet and like the idea of gardening, but am bad at it. I also try to get involved with my church as much as time allows. 

Favorite Apps:

Instagram, My Banking App, and Apple Maps (Seriously, I’d be lost somewhere right now if I didn’t have navigation on my phone.)
Quote To Live By: “Folks who never do any more than they are paid for never get paid for any more than they do.”

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