Alex is dyslexic. Not finding this out until after 3rd grade has greatly increased his efforts to learn the essential skills to read. Literacy is extremely important and supporting organizations who provide services for those that that struggle in this area is very much needed. Currently, there are very few services offered for those with dyslexia specifically and those students struggle in the absence of them. It is estimated that 20% of population is dyslexic. Dyslexia doesn’t discriminate by race, economics, or gender and it is one of the most common learning disabilities in the United States. 

In 2016 The Governor of Nebraska (LB645) recognizing Dyslexia in the state of NE. and legislation introduced a comprehensive study of Dyslexia by our State’s Education Committee (LR222). Alex was able to represent dyslexic students by speaking to our legislators 2 times in regards to this bill.

To learn more about dyslexia and how it affects literacy, or to donate to the Nebraska Dyslexia Association, please visit their website

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