Your website is like your digital storefront. It’s just as important for it to be as inviting and appealing as your physical place of business. In this infographic, we show you the top elements to consider when creating a website you can be proud of!

1. Space
Like any good design, a web page needs room to breath. The internet is a big place, no need to pack all your content on one page!

2. Simple Navigation
You didn’t launch a website to hide your content from people, so keep your navigation simple. Try to have 5-10 links. Any more and your website will become hard to navigate.

3. Legibility
No one should have to strain their eyes to read what’s on your webpage. Text should contrast with the background and be large enough to ready easily.

4. Color
Don’t be afraid of color, but remember that a little goes a long way on the web. Use eye-catching hues that fit with your company’s aesthetics, but stick with neutrals in text-heavy areas.

5. Quality
Settle for nothing less than the highest quality of photography and graphics for your website. At Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, we can provide you with these and so much more to help you build an amazing website.

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