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Our web team is dedicated to creating web-based solutions to enhance other areas of your marketing and serve as an invaluable company tool. We excel at creating websites with interactive elements and strategic navigation while remaining balanced with consumer usability and interest. Whether you need a brand new website, or are looking to breathe new life into your current website, we can bring out the full potential of your site. 


It’s changing. All the time.

Since the beginning of the Internet era, web-based programming has required special skills in both coding and understanding overall marketing strategy, where a website is the center point. Each year, we see more and more changes happening in digital strategy.


Continuous Learning

All of this change means we spend considerable time and resources on continuing to expand our knowledge base; we attend seminars, take courses, sit through computer based training, and experiment constantly. Our goal is to make sure when you approach us with a web project, we are able to present you with the most effective and efficient solution. Our experienced web team uses both open source and closed source programming and web solutions.


In the Industry

Gaining new knowledge is great, but it means nothing without practical application. Our VP of Development has been working in web programming since the start of the “commercial” internet in the early 90’s. Every day, we strive to keep up with the newest, most innovative practices to make your information safe, easily accessed by consumers, and digitally appealing.

Websites are a key player in overall marketing strategy, and changes keep coming:

  • Sites should keep improving in responsive design and usability. Web users prefer responsive sites, and now with the new changes made in 2015, Google does too. In fact, smartphone usage is up 394% and tablet usage is up 1721%.
  • SEO is not relevant any longer. It’s shifting to content driven marketing to coincide with the new search engine algorithms and end user demands.
  • Video will become a much bigger content platform. Studies have shown that visitors will stay 2 minutes longer on site pages that show video, pages that feature video increase conversion rates by 80%, and through better engagement, site bounce rates are decreased.
  • Design and speed will be a necessity. More than ever before, the design side of the web creative department will need to work with the coding department to create websites that are visually appealing and also load quickly. Consumers will want to avoid being “downgraded” by the new algorithm changes of search engines.
  • Content will need to be more interactive. We’ll research ways in which you can engage your visitors while still remaining useful. Appealing to the modern buyer is challenging, as they are more informed and empowered than ever. They dismiss traditional sales tactics and research before making their purchases. 91% of B2B buyers want brands to offer more interactive and visual content for on-demand consumption. 45% say interactive presentations are highly valuable in making buying decisions