Now, before I even get started on this let me say one thing: Compared to what we usually post on the “When Ads Go Bad” blog series, were the ads during the Superbowl bad? NO! Not even close. However, when you get the chance to be advertised during the the most viewed ANYTHING of the year, we’re not talking regular advertising. You have GOT to stand out above and beyond the rest. Especially when you know it’s a time where many people watch just for the ads.

This year, those ads left much to be desired. As I said, they weren’t necessarily terrible, but most were forgettable at best. So, today, instead of picking on the bad ads like we normally do, we are going to commend the ads we thought were the most successful of the Superbowl. (We’d rather not give the mediocre ads any more publicity, because A) They’re not quite bad enough to make fun of, B) They’re not funny to begin with and C) We can’t remember half of them, anyway because they were boring.)

3rd Funniest Superbowl Commercial of 2012:

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend


2nd Funniest Superbowl Commercial of 2012:

Bud Lite – Here We Go


Funniest Superbowl Commercial of 2012:

M&M’s – Sexy and I Know It


Now, do all Superbowl Ads have to be funny? Not necessarily. But they do seem to be the ones we remember the longest. But, just to show that we’re not being bias, here’s one more “not funny” yet good ad from the 2012 Superbowl:

Budweiser – Prohibition


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