Multiple forms of media

How Combining Content Tells the Whole Story

My favorite course in my undergrad was JOUR 407: Data Journalism and Visualization. What I thought would be countless hours of reporting and math turned into mostly tedious tasks like searching through endless files of public data and cleaning out spreadsheets. (yawn). But the 10 percent of the time spent making the data meaningful was […]

Clarifying the cluttered

Clarifying Your Message in a Cluttered Online World

Think about all the data available today. Did you know 90 percent of it was created in the past two years? Okay, now pick your jaw up off the floor. While that statistic isn’t directly related to this blog, it provides great insight into the sheer amount of information on the internet today. With all the […]

TM Tips to writing well

TM Tips to Writing Well

You may not realize it, but writers are everywhere. They work with lawyers, write instruction manuals, and almost every commercial and podcast is first structured by a writer. Whether it’s your primary skill or not, great writing is a cornerstone of effective communication. Harnessing this skill will benefit you greatly. Disclaimer: I’m a young writer […]